Samsung Tries To Out Apple Apple


With their latest phone offering, Samsung tries to out Apple Apple as far as their design goes. The Samsung Galaxy S6  looks too similar to the iPhone 6 for most Android fans to be happy. Instead of the plastic feel previous generations of the Galaxy phone has had, the S6 is all Gorilla Glass and aluminum. To achieve this great design sacrifices were made. The battery is sealed in, their is no sD slot and it is no longer water proof. These are features that stood out to hardcore Android fans. However the S6 does have built in wireless charging which is something I would love to see come to iPhone. The s^, like the iPhone is actually two different phones. There is the standard phone and then their is the S6 Edge. With the S6 Edge the screen wraps around the edge. The edge also features swipe out menus that have various functions such as news, color coded flashing for selected contacts when the phone is face down. Though there is a wow factor with the S6 Edge, I am not sure it is worth the extra $100.

Below is a hands on review conducted by The Verge

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