Still Coming In First


It appears Meerkat continues to one up competitor Periscope in the Live Streaming App arms race. Not only did Meerkat beat Periscope to market during a critical time at SXSW. They have beat them by launching their Android App first. The Android app still carries on it a “Beta” label, so expect there to be some kinks to iron out. Previously the “Beta” version of this app on android had been locked down to invite only, that has changed obviously.

Like many apps before, including popular photo app Instagram, Meerkat was released to iOS first. At the time of Instagram release, this approach made sense due to the overwhelming market share held by iOS devices. However today that market share is significantly less and almost equal to that of Android devices, leaving the question – Why the delay to Android?

Whatever the reasoning behind the delay is, rest assured the battle between Live Streaming Apps has just begun and it will only get better from here

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