The ‘Like’ Button


We all know what it looks like. We have seen it hundreds of thousands of times. The Facebook ‘Like” button. We click it when we see a photo, post or video we like from a friend or company. We aimless click it when companies say “click LIKE to win”. We even click this button when we read an article from a news outlet. Often times these articles are negative and about death and tragedy. Yet, we ‘Like’ it?

While the official name for this button is in fact “The Facebook Like Button”, I cannot help but wonder if the name is confusing. At times it makes perfect sense and other times not so much.

So what does it mean when we click this ‘Like’ button?

I think it means we acknowledge the post, whatever it may be – good, bad, or otherwise. With how Facebook is set up, the ‘Like’ button is actually a very important tool. We when ‘Like’ a post, it actually shares that post on our timeline (as long as it is a public post to begin with) It is a simple way to share without sharing and commenting. It is for that reason, that I think people click ‘Like’ on a story about tragedy. I would hope that they do not in fact LIKE these stories.

I personally often think twice though before clicking the button. Mainly out of fear that my click will be misconstrued by others to thinking that I am a monster who like death and tragedy. Some of you are saying to yourselves, “I would never do that”. The fact is we do. Go into the comment section of any article that is negative and sad in nature (sadly there are plenty to find). I guarantee that you will find comments from people who are in shock that people would like such a horrible story.

If I were Mark Zuckerberg (which obviously I am not) I would actually have two buttons. Keeping the traditional ‘Like’ button I would also add an “Acknowledged’ button. This why we can click away with out judgement based solely on a buttons title.

While we are talking about liking things, Urban Geek CNY is now on Facebook so please give us a ‘Like’ (no one will judge you)

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