Brand Loyalty



We all stay loyal to a certain brand. Whether it is what we drink, restaurant we eat at even down to the brand of underwear we choose. This type of brand loyalty is most obvious when it comes to technology. Mac or PC? iOS or Android?

For me, I have always been brand loyal. Most specifically I have been loyal to Apple and only Apple. I have had windows laptops and a blackberry in the past, however since I got my first MacBook Pro, I never looked back. Furthermore when I purchased my first iPhone in 2012 I never thought I would look back beyond that. In the last six months, however, all of that has changed.

I have realized as a tech blogger or even just as a person who like technology and all that it has to offer, I needed to shed myself of this loyalty and branch out. Prior to December, my technology consisted of an iMac, iPhone, and iPad. If it had an “i” in front of it, I owned it and did not want to hear about similar products from another company. Since then I have purchased a HP Chromebook and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 running Android 4.4. I absolutely love both of these products. I have even begun looking into Android phones for my next phone.

So why do we stay loyal to brands?  Is it a sense of comfort? Familiarity? Or maybe a bit of closed mindedness? For me it was all of the above. I have always been comfortable and familiar with Apple products being as I worked for the company once upon a time. I think because of that I became close minded to what else is out there. I think some people become closed minded to Apple products due to the fact that they may not like the company, or even their price tag.

Brand loyalty is good in the sense that you know what you are going to get and you trust the brand. However I do hold true that sometimes it makes sense to test the waters a little bit just to see what it is you are missing out on.


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