Live Streaming Video Over Social Media

Most people are familiar with such platforms as UStream and Livestream. If you are not, these are websites that you can use a webcam and broadcast live over. These are great platforms for things like conferences, meetings, or even the Pandas at the National Zoo. All of these platforms are great for what they do, however what they do not do is allow for dynamic user interaction.

Enter Meerkat


MeerKat is an app that allows users to live stream video. This app currently uses Twitter as an in-app chat client. Users can stream instantly or schedule a time to stream in order to promote an event. If a live stream is scheduled users can subscribe to the stream so they will receive notification on their phone as to when the stream is live. Once live, watchers can communicate with other viewers or the content creator via twitter.

Now I know what you are thinking “But UrbanGeek, won’t this clog up my news feed?” Now it wont, here is why. When a stream is started it sends out a tweet, everyone who communicates during the live stream is replying to that one single tweet. Therefore it does not create clutter.

So what’s the point? The point is, people like to be voyeuristic by nature. It also allows for an insight into things we otherwise wouldn’t have? Ever wonder what the inside of the Foursquare offices in Manhattan look like? Well I now know because I periscope-twitterwatched a live stream walk through of their offices. The potential uses for such an app are endless and MeerKat is not the only game in town.

Twitter recently announced it has acquired the app company Periscope. This is a big deal and can spell trouble for Meerkat, as it will make Periscope native to Twitter. However Periscope is still in beta and will have to get out of the beta before Meerkat gains a lot of tractor

Here at UrbanGeekCNY are very excited for all of these live streaming platforms and cannot wait to see where they lead to. Look for an UrbanGeekCNY live stream sometime next week as we make a very special announcement. So be sure to follow us on Twitter


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