Apple Watch – Buy or Sell?


So, the Apple Watch is here. Well technically not until April 24 but still. We now officially have a release date, April 24, as well as a price point of $349….WAIT!!!!!! HOW MUICH?????

That’s right folks, the Apple Watch will start retailing for $349 and go up to around $15,000…..FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS…..let that sink in for a minute for you. To compare, My 2014 Nissan Versa Note only cost $18,000.

But beyond the cost, I do not see the point. The watch, like others of its kind, require the wearer to still have their iPhone in their pocket. Apple Watch has not offered one unique feature that an iPhone cannot already do. By failing to deliver on many of the Health aspects we expected, this product falls flat.

As many of you know I am a HUGE Apple fan boy but on this product I say SELL.

I have said it before that I do not feel that the Apple Watch, or any smart watch will take off. As a society we have moved away from time pieces as anything more than a fashion statement.  We are all trained now to look to our phones when we need to find out the time, not our wrists. Even when I am wearing a watch I still tend to look at my phone out of habit. Until a smart watch does not require its user to have a phone in their pocket, they will never be a relevant product.

If wearable technology is the future than we are in a lot of trouble because no one has yet to get it right.

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