It’s Time – Introducing Pebble Time



Pebble just announced their next generation of smart watch – Pebble Time. This new smart watch will have a color e-ink display, a microphone for voice messages and on the go notes. They will also introduce “timeline”, this will allow wearers to go back in time to see things they missed and look ahead at their upcoming schedule all with a single touch. Pebble has partnered with a lot of the top fitness apps to make Pebble the leader in fitness smart watches. While I was not a fan of the original Pebble (post here) I think there is potential with Time. I too have re-thought my stance on smart watches and will probably be checking one out for purchase in the near future

Like the original Pebble, Pebble Time will be available exclusively through Kickstarter. This campaign started at 9am this morning and have already surpassed their $500,000 goal.

Here is Eric the founder of Pebble to tell you more.

Update: as of 10:40 AM EST Pebble has surpassed $1 Million raised for this project

What are your thoughts on wearable devices?

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