The Return of “The Gadget”



So far CES 2015 has not been earth shattering. This is actually a good thing. The focus so far at CES, as far as I can tell without being there, is gadgets, smart cars and The Internet of Things.

So far this years companies have actually returned their focus to what they do best. Sony has stopped pretending to be a software company nad has returned to being a hardware company. They have put out some incredible TVs, running Android software. They have also partnered with Netflix to bring customers 4K streaming to Sony Televisions. Samsung as well has turned away from phones at this years CES and returned its focus to other things releasing 9 curved monitors and 3 high end televisions. According to Engadget “Not satisfied with regular UHD, Samsung announced a series of “SUHD” TVs, a designation saved for its high-end displays. These screens run the Tizen operating system and pack nanocrystal semiconductors for better color accuracy. It also has an onboard remastering process intended to decrease power while adjusting contrast and brightness.”


For me, the biggest thing to come out so far is the industries first 1TB SSD that Samsung announced.  


LG released this interesting Washing Machine, with a smaller washing machine underneath? I am not 100% sure why this is necessary. The same can be said about the new refrigerator they released where the doors have their own doors for easier access? Personally I never found it hard or inconvenient to open the door to get something off the door inside.

This is why I say it is the “Return of the Gadget”. Since the release of the original iPhone, companies have been playing catch up and everyone released phones and tablets at CES. This year so far, it is about other electronics, wearables and fitness trackers. Smart coffee machines, smart locks….Gadgets, and the Internet of Things. This years CES has been about home automation and making it better with wifi enabled phone apps.

Question of the day: Is there a difference between “gadgets”  and “gizmos”? If so, what is it?

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  1. I think a company and the consumer both expect that a gadget is a new and interesting something that will work. A gizmo, on the other hand, is a more out-there speculation that they hope will work and then catch on. Thanks for following CES, Ben, or I’d be completely in the shade about the new class of gadgets and gizmos.


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