It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

2015 is barely a week old and it is already the time of year I, and all Techies, look forward to the most….


Thats right folks the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is upon is. This is the showcase where tech companies large and small show off their product ideas that they anticipate will be out in the not so distant future. Products such as the VCR, HD TV and Xbox were first released to the mass at CES. It is a time of wonder and excitement. Already heading into the showcase we have heard that Griffin Technologies has a slew of new products to be released from cases to charging to cable management. On Sunday Nvidia release its Tegra X1 chip and infotainment system that is said to change in-car entertainment.

I will try to keep up on all the announcements at CES, However expect a lot of round-up type posts for the next week or so as we try to get out as much information to you as possible.  Here links to follow tech blogs on social through CES and of course you can always follow me on twitter @urbangeekCNY where I will be posting articles all week as well

CES 2015 coverage

The Verge



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