Thank Deadpool It’s Friday


That’s right Thank Deadpool It’s Friday or TDIF for short. Seriously, i do not think I have ever met a better comic book character than Deadpool. He constantly breaks the 4th wall talking directly to the audience. He knows he is in a story and it opens up for pure comic genius. I recently started read the new 4 issue mini series Hawkeye vs Deadpool and honestly it is everything I want it to be. The Merc with a Mouth and my favorite Avenger in one story. If you have not heard. Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool (also known as Wade Wilson) in the X-Men Origin: Wolverine movie will reprise the roll in a stand alone Deadpool film. This is something fans have wanted for a long time. Over the summer some heavily CGI’d test footage, with Reynolds providing dialogue was leaked onto the internet. Caution: contains violence and adult langue so lets label it NSFW


The state of Iowa may be the first to allow digital drivers licenses. The plan, according to state DOT, will allow drivers to upload their license to an app. The drivers, if pulled over, will then use a pin number to access the license proving they are who they are. Law enforcement may be able to use fingerprint or facial recognition in the future. I think this is an OK idea. I mean yea we all carry our phones everywhere, I mean I take mine when I walk the dog but yet leave my wallet at home. I also have over important documents on my phone such as my auto insurance card. Here are the draw backs – 1) you forget your phone 2) adding your license to multiple devices or 3) your phone dies just as you are being pulled over and therefore cannot produce a valid drivers license. I am interested to see how this turns out going forward.

319060-instagram-spring-2013Instagram is in the news. Besides being recently valued at $35 Billion (with a B), It seems the photo sharing network has removed a megaton of Spam Bots. This of course resulted in people losing a lot of followers. So what right? I mean who wants spam bots in their network anyway. Well apparently a lot of people. According to an article on Buzzfeed The backlash from this has been astounding. People are bashing Instagram demanding to have their followers returned. This mass deletion has caused big problems for celebrities and brands. Rapper Ma$e went from having 2 million followers to only have 271K following the deletion, resulting in him deleting his account.

Coming up this weekend I will talk about Duet, an app that allows you to use your iPad as a second monitor and I will also review my new HP Chromebook 14


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