Has Hollywood Gone Stale?

what year is it


In the last week or so, trailers for a new Jurassic Park, Terminator and Star Wars film have all been released. While none of these are re-boots but rather sequels to their older predecessors, it does seem as if Hollywood has lost its edge and has no more original ideas. Yea sure these movies all have cult like followings and will certainly win the box office the weekend that they open and I am certainly looking forward to Jurassic World as well as Star Wars. In recent years we have seen comic books and novels turned into franchise film series, we have heard rumors of reboots to such classics as Ghostbusters, and The Crow. We have seen reboots for RoboCop, and Total Recall. I cannot remember the last time I saw a Hollywood original that was truly a classic. And yet we as movie goers accept this because what was once old is new again and thats pleasing to us. I just wish they had original ideas. It does not seem like anyone is trying.

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