Whats The Point?


In a recent interview with the Syracuse NewTimes, Joe Cunningham did an amazing job of painting a picture of UrbanGeekCNY being all about technology, He presented me was a local tech expert, which I truly appreciate but am hesitant to embrace. I am not here to put down this interview because I agree with the frame in which I was presented. What I am here to do is tell you what we are about besides technology.

You see the world of technology is one that grows and changes everyday, and quite frankly I do not have enough hours in the day nor the resources to truly be a “Tech blog”. I wish I could be a full time tech blogger but I just can’t because well that won’t pay the bills. What I am though is a “Geek blogger”

Hey UrbanGeekCNY, what the heck is a Geek Blogger?

Thanks for asking, let me explain. I am a Geek. I love comic books, Technology, Super heroes, Doctor Who, Sci-Fi and learning. That is what this blog is truly about.

So, Whats the battle plan?


The plan is simple, 3 posts a week. Technology, a weekly run down of what comics I am reading and a look at all things geek

Why the heck should we care about what comics you are reading?

You do not have to care about what I am reading. However, I cannot cover every new comic that comes out on a weekly basis. Not only do I not have the time to read them all, I cannot afford it. However, every week I pick up my comics from the store and I also try to pick one or two new ones to check out.

So thats the plan. I hope you like it and I hope you stay with me. OH I ALMOST FORGOT. UrbanGeekCNY will be at the Buy Local Bash on Nov 24 at the Landmark Theater. Be sure to find me walking around because I will be handing out our new stickers  Hope to see you all soon

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