Unlock Gmail with Google Key



We have all seen this screen before. Google or some other website wants you to set up two-step verification. This is a simple process to protect you. Simply once you put in your password, you will receive a text message with a code. Once you enter this code you be able to log in to whatever it is your are trying to get to. This system is set up to prevent your accounts from being hacked. Presumably those doing the hacking will not have access to your cell phone text messages to receive the secondary code needed for entry. Now while this is a great system fro your protect, it is time consuming because that text message is not always immediate. It can take a few minutes. Also if we are home, our cellphone may not be right with us at the time we are on the computer making it annoying to get up and have to find the cellphone just to access email.

google-key-1014-deAll that has changed. Google has come out with a USB dongle that is the ket to you account. Literally. This USB device will act as your two-step verification. When plugged into a computer and used along with Google Chrome web browser this USB device will unlock your gmail once you have entered your passcode. This a very handy device for a home office because no longer will you need to have your cellphone right with. This is also convent when using public access computers as well. The only downside? what happens when the dongle is lost? How is two-step verification done then and why only Chrome browsers? These answers will present themselves in time, as this is a fairly new device.


Coming Soon – Apple Pay in the wild and Googles new email app Inbox

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