iPad Mini 3 Not Worth The Extra $100 and Other Ramblings


Apple recently announced a whole slate of iPads. We were introduced to the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. In a strange move Apple also kept the older generation in their line up. If you take into account the 5 different models each with wifi-only or Wifi+cellular, color and size options, this brings the number of iPad choices to 56 different models.

I am not going to discuss the iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air because that is a no brainier. What has me puzzled is why Apple is keeping ipad-mini-gold-concept-05the iPad mini and iPad mini 2 a part of their line up. The iPad mini 2 & 3 are superior to the original mini. However the iPad mini 2 and the mini 3 ARE THE SAME EXACT PRODUCT. I mean literally if you look at Apples comparison page for iPad. You are paying $100 more for the iPad mini 3 for Touch ID and the chance to buy it in gold.


If you are in the market to buy an iPad mini this coming holiday season. Save yourself $100 and buy the iPad mini 2. Unless Touch ID and the color gold is worth that much to you. But I would worry because something tells me the iPad 2 is not going to stay much longer past the holiday season

Other ramblings

– Apple also released its 27-inch 5K iMac. Seriously folks words cannot describe how amazing this screen looks. It is absolutely mind boggling. It has an insanely cheap price point at $2499 (yes, that is cheap considering)

– On Monday 10/20 Apple released iOS 8.1 which officially launched Apple Pay. We will be testing that in the wild this weekend so stand by for more on that

– Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available through all major carriers. This phone is  a great phone if yoSamsung-Galaxy-Note-4-590x327u are an Android user in the market for something new.

Be sure to check out the Syracuse NewTimes interview featuring UrbanGeekCNY

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