Bigger Is Not Always Better



Ok, so it has been about 3 weeks that  I have had my iPhone 6. Lets talk about it. However before we go any further I am not going to be talking about iOS 8 in this post. That mess will be saved for another time.

So Apple did what they said they would never do – release a big phone. They went ahead and released 2 actually. One big and one super sized. Let me begin by saying I have owned 4 different iPhones now 3Gs, 4S, 5 and now 6. Like with the 3Gs, i love the rounded edges of the 6. I also love the fact that the screen wraps beyond the edge created less of a seam. The screen quality is magnificent and the camera is second to none. Is it faster? I guess maybe my youtube videos are loading faster?


I hate the size of this iPhone. There I said it…..but seriously can I have my 5 back please? The iPhone 6 just does not feel comfortable in my hand the way previous generations have. At first I thought it was the aluminum casing so I got another case for it. Nope still not comfortable.  I do not know what it is, I mean sure I am slowly getting used to it. However, I do not want to have to get used to a phone in my hand, I want the phone phone to feel natural after all I use it A LOT.

While Apple felt the world was ready for a larger iPhone, this customer however was not. So what does this mean for the future of my use of the iPhone? Well…to be honest, I am not sure

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