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We are two days away from the iPone 6 (and probably iWatch) event. Heading into this event I recommend checking out this article by The Verge about 8 things you need to know about the next iPhone. I have a good feeling about this event. Ever since Steve Jobs passed away, Apple as be staying with the status quo and not really pushing the bar higher for themselves or the industry. I think Tuesday will be Tim Cooks shining moment where Apple returns to the stutat of industry innovator. I think, if they announce a wearable, it will redefine the market. I do not think they new iPhone will blow us away by any stretch. However, I think this is a changing point in the Tim Cook Era for Apple.

I think the design of the iPhone 6 will be pretty similar to the iPhone 5 except possibly bigger which personally I am not thrilled about. I am however super thrilled about the new Samsung Galaxy Edge that was just announce. I mean seriously have you seen this thing?

( via )

I am certainly highly impressed by its design and functionality and cannot wait for this to hit stores so I can get hands-on with it. Apple better step up its design game because Android phones are seriously ahead of the pack.

So the Event begins at 1pm EST/ 10am PST and can be streamed from the Apple website. However if you are at work and cannot watch the stream but are interested then follow me at @beningber on twitter as I will be live tweeting the event as I watch it. There will also most likely be a video recap later on in the day.



Speaking of twitter. I have decided that there is no need for me to seperate my personal Twitter from Urban Geek CNY. Why? Because I am the Urban Geek and I will not filter a twitter feed to meet a certain genre. I want this site and its social media to be as transparent as possible so there will not longer be an Urban Geek twitter feed because there is already one at @beningber. So follow me there.


As we say in Nerdfighteria – Don’t Forget To Be Awesome

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