Is Twitter Doomed to Fail?




Recently Twitters COO left the company as growth and engagement begin to stall. Which raises the question – Is Twitter doomed to fail? The answer to this is no, but yes. Here is the thing, in order for Twitter to survive it needs to release products that support its core functions. It once released Vine, which had sizable growth but was eventually dwarfed by Instagram and then killed once Instagram introduced video.

If we look at Facebook as an example, then we can say that no Twitter will not fail it will just change. Facebook recently acknowledged that its use amongst teens is way down. But yet Facebook grows everyday.

Personally, I use Twitter more than I use Facebook, because I feel Twitter creates a conversation where multiple people (who I may or may not follow) can join and voice an opinion. However I feel that Twitter and Facebook will fail with young generations because it is not new and fresh, it is something their parents do.

Every company goes through changes. Will Twitter go the way of Myspace and Friendster? Probably not as it is still a valuable social media outlet. Does Twitter need to step up its game and change more than just its Web UI? 100% Twitter needs to appeal to younger generations who just do not understand what it is and how to use it.

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