Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice



Oh I guess it is time we discuss Man of Steel 2, which is now officially titles ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. This post will mainly deal with this upcoming film, to see my thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman – click here

When I first heard that this movie was going to be a thing, I got really excited. The Justice league was formed after conflict between Batman and Superman (depending of course which story arch you follow). I knew however that it was only a matter of time until Justice League got the big screen treatment. Here’s the thing, they are going to try and do too much at once in this film. Batman, at thus point, does not need a stand alone movie as part of this franchise because we all know the back story.


And Superman has already got his back story movie in Man of Steel (along with EVERY OTHER SUPERMAN MOVIE)


However this film is going to introduce us to two new characters (maybe even more) that do not have back stories



Cyborg and Wonder Woman will both be introduced in this film ahead of the Justice League film. This is a terrible idea. Every character deserves a good back story. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern (thought the film was terrible) and now through television Green Arrow and The Flash all have been set up perfectly. Unfortunately for Cyborg and Wonder Woman, DC Films goes through Warner Bros Studios and does not have a dedicated studio to its films like Marvel does, therefore not allowing for the independent pieces to properly create the whole.

With that said, I am not writing off this film, not even a little bit. I am super excited. The title, in my opinion, is perfect. ‘Dawn of Justice’!!!! This is going to be the last film before Justice League so I predict that in the end of the film out (so far) 4 super heroes will come together to foreshadow the Justice League




Like I said this movie will go off without individual movies for its cast. However lets look at the pieces. The main cast of heroes for the Justice League are  SupermanBatmanWonder WomanFlashGreen LanternAquaman, and the Martian Manhunter. Batman, Superman and Green Lantern have all had films (though it is being said that they will recast Green Lantern as Ryan Reynolds is set to play Deadpool) The Flash is getting a new series on The CW this fall, so I hope they use the same actor to bridge the small screen to the big screen. Wonder Woman will be in Batman v Superman. It is rumored that Aquaman will also be introduced. in my opinion DC should wait to introduce Martian Manhunter until the Justice League film and use him as the catalyst that brings them together. I also think replace Hawkman with Green Arrow, and introduce the Black Canary as well (using of course the same actors from the television show Arrow).

DC Comics is doing great things with Arrow and connecting it to the DC Universe with characters such as Dead Shot, Suicide Squad, League of Shadows and Death Stroke (they also silently introduced Red Arrow in the season finale). We know that there will be cross over between The Flash and Arrow, thus continuing to connect the universe. DC and Warner Bros needs to play off of that in order for the Justice League film to even stand a chance against the empire Marvel has built.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not slated to be released until May 16, 2016 with Justice League (also directed by Zach Snyder) following in either 2017 or 2018. Batman v Superman will be opening opposite Marvel’s yet titled Captain America 3, so it will be very important for DC and Warner Bros to get this right, especially after the lukewarm review Man of Steal received.

I am eager for you to share how you feel about these upcoming films.



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