Play Ball!!!!!!

Boston Red Sox v New York Mets

A crisp chill in the air, the smell of hot dogs, popcorn, beer, freshly mowed grass. The sounds of the fans, the organ player, the PA Announcer. There will be pre-game ceremonies, the introduction of the team and starting line ups. The Managers will meet with the umpires at home plate to exchange line up cards. The home team will take the field. The better will approach the plate, do what ever batters box ritual he may have. The catcher will give his sign and then time will stand still, if only for a moment.

For me, there is no great a moment then that first pitch on Opening Day. It is a clean slate. The downfall of last season behind us, the hope for an amazing season ahead of us. That first pitch is the perfect moment.

Today we celebrate Americas greatest past time. It is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. For some fans its business as usual. For Yankee fans this season is something special as it will be the final tour for their Captain, Derek Jeter. Fans across the country will watch today as their teams start fresh. Today, and maybe today only, all 30 teams are World Series Contenders.

For me, well as the saying goes Ya Gotte Believe. You see my team is the New York Mets. It takes a very special kind of fan to be a Mets fan. Our season has highs and lows, and the past few years it has been mostly lows. But we come into every season, wide eyed and full of hope. This season we come in with a heavy heart. Today on Opening Day we will celebrate the life of Mets Legend Ralph Kiner who passed away during the off season. When the festivities are over, it will be down to business in Flushing. 1:10pm is the start time for  the 2014 season. Dillon Gee will get the ball as the starting pitcher, David Wright will look to lead the team as he has done for so long. New comer Curtis Granderson will look to leave a lasting impression on the Flushing Faithfuls.

There is no other day like Opening Day, no other team like the New York Mets.

Play Ball and Lets Go Mets!!!!!

Video courtesy of Darren Meenan and The7Line

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