Amazon Prime Costs Go Up $20


So I received a very interesting email this morning informing me that when my Amazon Prime account renews in January of 2015, the cost till be $99 which is up $20 from the original $79 I paid. This cost increase has been rumored for a couple of months now with the cost of, well, everything going up. This is the first cost increase Amazon has put on Prime since it was introduced in 2005.

For those who are unfamiliar with Amazon Prime here is what it is. For $99 Amazon Prime members receive free two-day shipping an all Prime eligible items (anything sold directly through Amazon and not a third party). Prime members also receive access to Amazons extensive library of content to stream. This is where the deal is. Follow me on this –

Netflix Streaming provides you with 10’s of thousands of movies and TV shows to stream, however not always what you may want. Netflix streaming only costs  $7.99/month which amounts to $95.88/year. The library on Amazon Prime is equally extensive however significantly more relevant. So for $3.12 more I get free two-shipping all year round (very useful around the holidays) The other thing that stands out to me with Amazon Prime is that I pay this fee once upfront then do not have to worry about it month-to-month.

Like Netflix, Amazon has an app for you tablet and phone and can be streamed to a Television through a host of devices.


Ultimately at the end of the day, this $20 increase is not a big deal to me. Amazon Prime is still one of the best deals out there. You get all the movies and TV shows, plus if you purchase once every other month from Amazon, Prime pays for itself through the savings on free two-day shipping.

For more information on Amazon Prime click here

Are you an Amazon Prime Member? How do you feel about the fee increase?

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