Pebble – Why Smart Watches Do Not Stack Up

So, this past weekend I bought a Smart Watch. More specifically I bought THE Smart Watch – Pebble. Man I was so pumped for it. I saved up for the moderate $150 price tag. I was excited because to me Smart Watches are the future. However, that future is so not now.

On my iPhone, like many other users, I get certain notifications on my lock screen. For me these include; Facebook, Twitter, Text Messages and NHL Game Center. I choose to have these on my lock screen so that I can get a quick snapshot of whats going on. I should also add that 80% of the time my phone is on silent, with no vibrating alert. Meaning I am not constantly being bombarded with notification alerts, they just appear on my lock screen for when I check my phone. This system works for me, I like to see whats going on without opening apps all the time but I also do not need to be bothered with notification alerts. We all have our own way. This is where a Smart Watch complicates things. 

While the concept of a Smart Watch is appealing, to see and receive notifications on my wrist without checking my phone. The reality of it sucks. EVERY notification that comes to my lock screen came to my wrist and vibrated the watch. This got annoying very quickly. Granted I could have changed what notifications I received to my lock screen, but I have already carefully planned and thought about what notifications I wanted there and why. So I go into the settings I turn off vibrate. Great it stops annoying me. Except now I have no idea how many notifications I have. This meant that every time I went to go check the time, I had to scroll through all of my notifications and clear them out.

After 24 hours I threw in the towel and I gave up. The Pebble Smart Watch just is not for me. It is intrusive to the digital lifestyle I have. I am not saying it is not for everyone, however there needs to be significant improvements for me to consider buying on in the future.

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