Cable Cutting – Why I wish it could be different

Ok, so about 5 years ago we decided to cut the cord and get rid of cable television. Great, just saved a bunch of money on monthly bills. Lets face it we did’t really need 5 ESPN stations, 3 Disney channels and 100 stations that play music while showing you the album cover. Having Cable really sucked the life out of our…well…life. We spent every night sitting in front of the television unless we had somewhere we HAD to go.  Mainly because we were spending the money on the monthly bill that we didn’t have the cash flow to do anything else. However, part of it for me was FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I have this crazy obsession with always being in the know. I have to know whats going on when it is going on. However I gave in and we go rid of our Cable television service keeping only internet service.

So, what are we to do now? How are we to entertain ourselves. Oh yea….Netflix!!!

This was amazing, it opened me up to a world of movies and documentaries I never knew existed. But this is not about the benefits of Netflix, or about missing Cable TV. No, this is about how you have no choice but to have Cable TV other wise current events are nothing short of a history lesson for you.

A couple of years back we got an Apple TV. Amazing streaming device, which we will discuss in another post. However, as you see in the photo, it comes with a wide array of apps. Missing from this photo are such apps as,;ESPN, The Weather Channel, and right now an NBC App for the Olympics. AWESOME!!! I can stream the Olympics even though I currently do not have cable, life is good. WRONG!!!! You see in order to have access to internet streaming content you have to first have a subscription with a cable provider. Also, I pay for a service through the NHL to stream live hockey games, however I cannot stream local teams (Rangers, Islanders, Devils or Sabres) because they are being shown on….you guessed it….cable television. I called the Cable company that provides my internet and asked if I could pay a low monthly fee to obtain a log in ID in order to use these extra services. As you can guess they told me no.

We can do better. We need to do better. We haven’t gone back to cable television. Yes I still suffer from FOMO when it comes to sports and live events however with social media, I am pretty much up to date with things as they happen. 

Are you a cable cutter? Do you miss it?

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