Review: Facebook Paper

If you caught this weeks Tech Tuesday, and if you have not then you really should, I talked a little about a new app from Facebook called Paper. Like I said in the segment, I recorded prior to any hands on experience with the app. Well that has all changed.

The app was released on February 3, in the US only. This seems slightly odd to me as Facebook has such a  strong global reach, however I am sure in the not so distant future we will see a global release. When I first heard of this app I was a little concerned because it reminded me of another app called Flipboard. I could not have been more wrong about it. 

Facebook Paper is a beautifully designed about with easy to you gesture based navigation. The User Interface is clean and sleek as well as comfortable for even the most novice of users. Paper allows me to focus on the things I enjoy and weed out the stuff I am not interested in. For example, the first page is my news feed, Then I have headlines, Technology and Ideas. Meaning that by swiping to those pages I will only see articles and posts related to those topics. The app also allows me to get my notifications, update my status, send private messages and even like and comment on other peoples status in the newsfeed. 

While I think some people will still want to use the native app for Facebook, I do feel that Paper can replace it for a lot of people because of how cleanly designed it is. My biggest issue with this app is its name. There is an app from  FiftyThree already titled Paper and this is a popular iPad app. I just feel that Facebook could have done a better job with its title as not to confuse people between Facebook Paper and Paper by FiftyThree

Facebook Paper is only available for iOS currently and is available for download now in the App Store

Overall rating 3.5/5

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