Wearable Technology

We have all heard the term “wearable technology” and we have all see the idea of Google Glass. The idea of wearable technology, if you follow it through the media, seems to always strike up fear of privacy invasion. And I am willing to admit the Google Glass in tis current form does allow you to video record people without their knowledge, but then again so does my iPhone. The truth is, wearable technology has been around since, oh i don’t know, the pocket watch? The difference now? A) the unknown, and that scares people B) major advances in the technology.

Lets first take a look at all the things we currently have that are, or should be, classified as a wearable technology. Ready? 

1- GPS watches for runners

2- fitness trackers of any kind

3- bluetooth headsets for phones

4- and kind of watch that does more than just tell time

We are coming to a point that we can do more and we can do better with wearable technology.Take for example the smart watch. While not overly popular at the moment, this product is still very much in its infancy. The advantages for a smart watch? No more being rude in meetings, plays, recitals, etc by taking your phone out to check it because we get the information on the face of the watch. I also feel this will allow people who are always face down in their phone to finally look up and see the world around them. It takes away the urgency of have to respond right then and there. If i look at my watch and see I have 2 texts messages and an email and I am aware of who they are from I may not be quick to check them. Where as with my phone, if I see a badge notification I am going to check it just to make the number go away. The disadvantages of smart watches, well in my opinion only 2 size and design. These things are huge and look tacky. However I feel Pebble is on the right path now that they introduced Pebble Steel so I think we need to allow this to develop before we dismiss it.

We are making advances in medical technology that allows wearable technology to be life saving. Google the other day introduced a smart contact lens. While not on the market yet this product has gone before the FDA for approval. Its purpose? to allow diabetic patients to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels. This to me is an outstanding advancement because I know this can be the difference between life and death.

Google Glass is an entirely different monster onto itself. I think Google is reaching too far into the future with this product. I also feel this will cause to many distractions with the screen being right in the eye essentially. There are however advantages. for instance if the person is not distracted with the screen placement then they can walk around freely texting, emailing, getting directions all with their head up not buried in a phone and able to see where they are going. But lets face it, at the end of the day you just look like Commander La Forge from Star Trek


Wearable Technology is very much in its infancy. Like all technology before it, it needs to time to develop and grew. Think back to when the first smartphones were introduced by Blackberry and now look how far we have come. Yes, wearable technology is the future, however that future is not tomorrow.

your thoughts?

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