App Review: Sunrise

Review of Sunrise App originally appeared as a post on The Ben Ingber Project



We all know that icon all too well. But for those unsure of what it is, it is the icon for the calendar application on iPhone (and iPad). Like most people I have a love hate relationship with this program. I love that it is simple to use, for the most part. I hate that the sync between the App and Google Calendar is not always flawless mainly because it automatically defaults to putting things into iCloud. iCloud is a program I am not fond of. Granted it keeps my contacts synced to my phone perfectly (as well as my computer) but other than that iCloud serves me little purpose. I do however like the layout of Calendar on iPhone because it is simple.

Recently I was turned onto a new App called Sunrise (free). Sunrise provides effortless syncing to Google Calendar and has a refreshingly bright lay out. Unlike the default calendar app, Sunrise only shows me a calendar format of 2 weeks along with an agenda view list. On the agenda list is also weather updates. Inputting of events is simple and uses Google Maps (or Apple Maps if you must) to add the location of the event. It will also utilize photos of the attending based on your contacts.

Another aspect of Sunrise I enjoy is that it connects to Facebook (I know, what doesn’t connect to

Facebook these days). Have no fear though, the app is not posting you up coming agenda to your timeline for the world to see. What it is going to do is add events to your calendar for you. I know I get a lot of event in

Sunrise allows you to control which calendars are visible, which calendars provide you with notification. You can customize how the weather is displayed, directions, which calendar is your default and what alerts you would like.vites to things I say I am going to go to and then forget. Now with sunrise I cannot forget. It will sync with your LinkedIn Calendar as well.

All in all I would have to say that this app is a total package for what I look for in a calendar app. The biggest draw back for me however, when inviting people to events the app will search your contacts on your phone as well as Google Contacts which tends to be a little annoying.

I would rate this app a 8 out of 10.

What apps are you using lately??



UPDATE! – Yesterday Sunrise introduced its iPad version of this app as well as a redesign of the features. My opinion of this app still very much holds true that it is the best calendar app available for iOS. 

I do however have 1 minor issue. On the iPad version there is only week or month view and no single day view. I have forward these thoughts along to the app developers as I feel this is an important feature. One thing I love about the iPad version of this app is its integration with Goole Maps 

Along with my recommendation for the the iPhone App I also recommend its iPad counterpart and will rate both apps together an 8 out of 10

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