Please Turn Off All Electronic Devices and Prepare for Take Off

A lot of talk lately about airlines and the use of electronic devices, more specifically cellphones, while in flight. Not that anyone asked for it but here is my two cents on the matter. The FCC is planning on voting to lift the ban on cellphone use while in flight. Makes sense, I can already use my iPod, iPad, laptop and kindle all access in flight wifi, so why not allow me to use my cellphone. Well, honestly, because I do not give a shit about what the person next to me has to say. 

Airplanes are not exactly spacious areas, and you and your neighbor get kind close and intimate during a flight. Flying is not exactly the most stress free traveling experience – delays, TSA, miserable ticket agents etc. so why make things more stressful and force me to sit with someone, behind someone or in front of someone yapping away on their cellphone for the duration of my flight. I mean ok fine lets lift the ban and allow me to text friends, Instagram the clouds from my window seat or live tweet the miserable crying baby. I guess thats ok.

Delta airlines has come out and said they will ban in flight phone calls. To them I say, congratulations you have just earned yourself a new customer. We get fed up and irritated when people are talking loudly on their phone while sitting at the table next to us in a mall food court, I cannot even imagine the reactions to multiple people talking loudly on a cellphone while flying. Though I think it will be similar, if not worse, than the asshole talking loudly on their phone during my 11pm bus ride from NYC to Syracuse. 

In any event – to the the FCC I say lift the ban on cell phones during flight, it only makes sense. To airline companies I say do what you need to do based on your surveys and board meetings etc. However, to fellow passengers, I ask, I plead, I beg and I even demand, should we be allowed to talk on the phone while flying high above the land PLEASE for the love god, do not be an asshole thats all I ask..

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