Ben Affleck as the new Batman


My thoughts on Ben Affleck playing Batman. While the role of Batman in the upcoming man of steel sequel is unknown (most likely taken from the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns) I say this – The role of Batman is actually two roles in one….Batman and Bruce Wayne, both different characters in their own right. Lets review shall we; Michael Keaton – good batman great bruce wayne. Val Kilmer decent bruce wayne terrible batman. George clooney GREAT bruce wayne decent batman. Christian Bale – Great Batman decent bruce wayne. This brings me to Affleck. While Affleck has not done too many action rolls (i think) He has portrayed a comic book super hero before – Daredevil. This was possibly the worst comic book movie i can think (next to the Green Lantern) so going into it I am not thrilled, however I think he will make a decent bruce wayne the jury is still out on if he can truly pull of the caped crusader

(Adam West was purposely left off this list – While West was the original Batman, starting with Tim Burtons movie Batman, the portrayal of batman has taken a very different approach then Adam West’s Batman and it is hard to compare them)

(this list also only looks at those who have played the role of Batman in major motion pictures, which is why Kevin Conroy was also not mentioned)

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