Jelly: Lets Help Eachother

So there is a new app in town. Its name is Jelly. This new app comes from the co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone ( @biz ). This new app brings the idea of searching the internet and merges it with social. 

You sign up for Jelly using your twitter account. you Then take a photo of an object, place, picture etc and ask a question about it. That question is then visible by your followers who signed up for jelly as well as users in their social network.  I think this idea is amazing. Lets face it sometimes the answers we seek are not found on Google. Sometimes our friends do not even know the answer. However someone they know might, and Jelly allows me to ask them, a total stranger to me, my question and get the answers I seek.

We are already seeing creative ways to use Jelly. For example, asking the next move in a game of chess, or finding a date for your daughter and even crowdsourced tips for gardening. I am a fan of this app and use it often myself. I hope to see this app grow

Rating: 4/5

Check out this video from the apps webiste

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